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    Suzhou Jufeng Electrical Insulation System Co., Ltd. was restructured from Suzhou Jufeng Insulation Material Co., Ltd., which was established in 2002, mainly engages in the production of insulating resins (paints), mica products, anticorona materials, soft composite materials, electromagnetic wires,motors coils, insulating papers and so on. Jufeng Company covers an area of over 300,000 square meters, With nearly one thousand customers.Its businesses are ubiquitous in every corner of motor filed,from micro-motor,fractional motor,small and medium electrical machine and large generator units,involving fire power,hydro power,nuclear power,wind power,aerospace,high-speed traction,explosion-proof,military project,and transformer filed and so on.

    Honored with vice chairman unit of in insulating materials industry ,state high-tech enterprise, Jufeng Company has a R&D group,consisted of vice chairman of the standardization committee, professor-level senior engineering, doctors or master,employs several technical advisors,with over 100 technical talents working on the research and development of insulating products.Some centers has been established,such as national-level post-doctor scientific research workstation,Jiangsu insulating materials engineering and technological research center,Jiangsu enterprises technology center.The Company has been rated as "Private Science and Technology Enterprises of Jiangsu Province", "National Superior Enterprise in Small & Medium Motor Industry" for many time.

    So far,the company  has owend over  20 patents for invention and dozens of  patents for utility model. In the last few years,Jufeng Company has undertaken many national, provincial , municipal singnificant research findings comercialization project, national torch plan projects, scientific supporting projects, especially, the project Key Insulation Materials and insulation System for Mega-kilowatt Generators baseed on epoxy-anhydride VPI resin and dry mica tape with high porosity has been listed in 2012 national significant research findings commercialization projects;won provincal awards for scientific and  technological advandcements. Depending on professional levels and mature technologies in new electrical insulation materials and insulation system integration , Jufeng Company emerges in electrical insulation system filed, as benchmarking enterprise, proving customers with "customized" integragrated solution of the insulation system, which reach international advanced levels.

    Jufeng Company has passed ISO9001 Quality Contorl System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, OHSA18001 Occupational Health Safety Management System Certification.and Intellectual Property Management System. A series of products and multiple insulation system have passed the USA UL Authentication, being one of the earliest enterprises passing through authentication of insulation system for motors in China.

    Jufeng Company pays very much attention to industry-study-research  cooperation, by building cooperation with Xi''an Jiaotong University, Soochow University, South China University of Technology. It has also established of Soochow University-Jufeng High-Performance Insulation Materials Engineering and Tenchnological Research Center, South China University of Technology-Jufeng Nanometre R&D Center, The 18th  Insulation of China Academy of Launch Vehice Technology-Jufeng Spaceflight Insulation System Associated Lab, providing high-grade, effective platform for new products R&D and professionel talents cultivation.

    Jufeng Company has always been adhering to the commitment of “ we don't manufacture motors, but we let them perform better”. as it provides high-and,quality,advanced insulation system,to makecontrribution to building self-owned brands for China’s motor industry and to making China catch up with the international level in the manufacturing of insulting materials. 

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